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Casey Dupree, Visionary Artist

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Casey Dupree is a visual artist based out of Southern Wake County. A Raleigh native, he found his roots in art at an early age. He traveled to France and New York in his teenage years with a mentor to visit some of the most famous works of art and masterpieces on the globe.

Casey attended Appalachian State University, where he graduated in 2006 with a BFA in Studio Art. He later lived in Wilmington, NC where he was part of a thriving art community.

With his art, Casey seeks to push the bounds between real and surreal, elegant and edgy.  He draws on themes from iconic imagery, architecture, nature, and human consciousness to create work that pushes viewers to deeper levels within themselves. Casey's visionary art plays at the ultimate tug-of-war between past and future, love and violence, culture and chaos. His work is a vast collection of various styles and mediums, and continues to grow. 

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